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Spring Fling 5K


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To celebrate Multiple Birth Awareness month we will be holding a Virtual 5k with a Spring Fling Celebration on April 30th. You do not want to miss this opportunity! We will be partnering with A Place to Turn and The Diaper Project to help members in our community keep their children safe, clean, and healthy. To join us, simply:
  1. Click the link below and register for the Virtual 5k.
  2. Pay your $25 registration fee (that's per family!)
    • If you bring a box of diapers to the Spring Fling Celebration, we will give you $5 back on your registration fee!! So, potentially, you're only paying $20 for your entire family to participate in the 5k and attend our Spring Fling Celebration!
  3. Tell your friends and family that you're participating in a Virtual 5k and send them the link to this page so that they can contribute to our event fundraiser too (We're going to have a special prize at the Spring Fling Celebration for the team that raises the most money!)
  4. Walk/Run the 5k at anytime during the entire month of April.


What do you get in return?
  1. A fabulous MWPOM Swag Bag that is already valued at over $200!

  2. Free entry to our re-vamped all-ages Spring Fling Celebration on April 30th at the Stone Park Pavilion (KidSpot) in Ashland - you'll grab your Swag Bag here (if you can't make it, let us know and we'll make sure you get it!)

  3. That awesome feeling of knowing your contribution directly funds support and programs for our members and their families throughout the year. 

  4. You get to recognize Multiple Birth Awareness month in a super fun way with other multiples families!

  5. Helping out A Place to Turn and The Diaper Project give immediate and necessary help to families in our community. 


Our brand new Swag Bags! Wait til you see what's inside.

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