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Seller Registration

PLEASE READ. All sellers must be active members of MWPOM. If you are found to be inactive or lapsed, you must submit your dues before you will be allowed to sell. Questions about your membership? Contact Each $10 Seller Registration includes the space that you can sell in. It does not include a table. If you do not have a table, a rental is available for an additional $5. If you need to rent an additional space or an additional table, contact the Tag Sale committee at

By checking this box, I am agreeing to purchase a space in which to sell my items and to abide by the rules and restrictions in the Seller's Guide

Choose how you will be paying and if you need to rent a table

IMPORTANT. After you click "Go to Checkout" you will enter your information once more then choose whether you wish to pay via PayPal (fees have been included in the price) or Cash Payment (this can include a check).


Need more than 1 table? Contact us at

Thank you! Remember to download the Fall 2022 Seller's Guide!

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